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Comfort and safety for our patients

We focus on our patients’ health, comfort and safety. Our patients return to our clinic with other problems and recommend it to their friends and family and this is the biggest source of satisfaction for us. Bearing in mind that despite recent technical achievements and advances in dental technology, many people still associate dental visits with unpleasant feelings, we help our patients to overcome the fear of the dental chair, thanks to a unique, family atmosphere in our office and open discussion about the planned treatment. Our centre is also adjusted to the needs of the disabled, and its design makes the time in the waiting room before the visit more enjoyable, there all patients can use free Wi-Fi connection.

Specialised team

Dentists that work in the centre form a tight-knit staff that is constantly improving their professional qualifications. Currently our team has 8 dentists and an orthodontist. Dentistry is a real passion for all of us and we want to develop it constantly through participation in many specialized courses and trainings both in Poland and abroad.

Complex smile design

We provide a wide range of services in various branches of dentistry, ranging from preventive care and treatment of children and youth, through orthodontics, prosthetics, surgery, TMJ treatment, microscopic endodontics to implantology. During individual consultations we will help the patient to choose an appropriate plan, a comprehensive dental treatment, we will discuss various treatment stages, as well as present the expected costs. Results of a well-conducted metamorphosis remain visible for many years and a new smile alters the patients’ life for the better.

We save your time 

We know how tedious it can be to wait in an endless queue in order to see a specialist and working hours that make it impossible for many to use public health facilities. You won’t be faced with such situations in Sypień Clinic, we know that your time is precious. Our receptionists will always help you to book a convenient appointment and call you before the approaching visit.

Long tradition and family atmosphere

The history of our clinic goes back to 1978, when Anna Sypień opened one of the first private dental offices in Bielsko-Biała. Her sons, Tomasz and Michał  Sypień, after graduating from dental studies at the beginning of this century, began renovation of their mother’s beloved office. As time has shown, this decision was hit the spot. The clinic has been operating for 35 years and there is still a unique, family atmosphere there, despite of the fact that its staff grows bigger and bigger year by year. 

Advanced equipment

We use the latest technology and advanced medical diagnostic equipment, which allows us to provide top-notch dental services. Among others services, we take digital x-rays and use modern 3D computed tomography and there is a specialized microscope in each office.

To improve the comfort of our patients we use modern anaesthetics, so that you don’t feel pain even during the most invasive procedures. Fear of needles is not a problem anymore, we use a  computer-controlled system, The Wand and apply special numbing gel to the injection site. We also use short-acting anti-anxiety and relaxation medications.

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