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We use the best materials and equipment available on the market and the latest knowledge in the field of dentistry. We do our job with the utmost care and provide high quality services that are covered by guarantees. You can be sure that we’ll help you in case of problems.

Duration of the guarantee:

  • Implants – 10 years
  • Fixed prosthetic dental devices (crowns, bridges) – 3 years
  • Removable prosthetic dental devices (dentures) – 2 years
  • Fillings – 2 years

Duration of the guarantee starts from the day the treatment was provided.

Our procedures are intended to ensure that patient get the highest level of dental services. We believe that treatment plan that is discussed with the patient and implemented according indications is the best possible choice when it comes to your present needs, requirements and available options. The guarantee covers making up for technical defects of the work performed, but one of the basic conditions for the guarantee is the requirement to visit our clinic every six months for a regular check-up and professional hygienisation. The guarantee does not cover the results of the treatment itself, because these cannot be guaranteed and it is impossible according to the law. Treatment effects depend on many factors, including patient’s regenerative powers, which are individual and cannot be foreseen.

Guarantee conditions

Responsibility for the long-term effects of treatment also rests with the patient. The guarantee is valid only if the patient follows a few basic rules that will ensure healthy teeth:

  • Check-ups every 6 months (price according to a current price list)
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene
  • Following dentist’s instructions
  • No alternations made given prosthetic work
  • In the case of implant treatment, the need to do a complete implant prosthetic device and cure other existing dental defects within the next 6 months in order to obtain even occlusal contacts
  • The guarantee does not cover temporary work and work that was requested by the patient and is not included in the guarantee programme

The guarantee does not cover damage caused by:

  • Not following the guarantee conditions
  • Accidents
  • Natural bone loss and periodontal changes
  • Diseases that have negative effects on the masticatory system (e.g. diabetes, osteoporosis, nicotinism, alcoholism)


  • wysokość opłat za wydanie dokumentacji medycznej określa art. 28 ust. 4 ustawy z dnia 6 listopada 2008 r. o prawach pacjenta i Rzeczniku Praw Pacjenta.
  • maksymalna wysokość opłaty za jedną stronę wyciągu lub odpisu dokumentacji medycznej – nie może przekraczać 0,002 przeciętnego wynagrodzenia w poprzednim kwartale (dane GUS), a jednej strony kopii lub wydruku dokumentacji – 0,00007.
  • aktualnie opłata za jedną stronę ksera to 30 gr, a za jedną stronę odpisu 5 zł.

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