Mówimy po ukraińsku / Ми розмовляємо українською


Preschool age is the time in child’s life when habits and routines are formed. These have a huge impact on the future life. In a kindergarten these attitudes can be easily shaped. Supporting actions should be taken in cooperation with the parents. They should enrich children’s knowledge of health and hygiene, as well as enable them to acquire certain skills as well as correct hygiene and health routines. Building health awareness is not just the presentation of knowledge, but also responsibility for one’s own health and well-being. Such actions require proper content selection, appropriate skills and choosing teaching and educational situations that will affect the development of hygienic habits in the future.

The contents of the programme allow the child, who finishes kindergarten, to properly take care of healthy teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene.


  • promotion of health-related knowledge;
  • presentation of basic knowledge about oral hygiene to the children;
  • discussing brushing rules, showing accessories necessary to take care of oral hygiene;
  • presentation of the consequences of not following the oral hygiene rules;
  • encouraging the children to visit a dental office.

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