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3S – Sypień Stomatology School is a type of Training Centre established by dentists with passion, Sypień Brothers.

Dentists Tomasz and Michał Sypień are experts that present the highest craftsmanship and skill in specific areas of implantology and implant prosthetics. Thanks to their many years of experience and completing many prestigious training courses, they can use innovative knowledge and heuristic technique while eagerly spreading their knowledge to other dentists. We are convinced that through education that you can receive in 3S Training Centre, you will gain new practical skills and knowledge that will be fully practical and useful, so that you could implement them into your work even the next day.


  • Our goal is to offer high quality dental education.
  • You will improve your knowledge and skills with us.  
  • We will help you increase the quality of dental services that you offer.
  • Our lecturers are experienced experts whose profession is also their passion. 
  • You’ll gain new, valuable skills that will enable you to treat basic and more complex 
  • cases.
  • Courses focus on the practical aspects of given topics.
  • You can use the new knowledge even the next day during your dental practice.

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z poniższą galerią zdjęć oraz filmami z odbytych już szkoleń prowadzonych przez Braci Sypień.

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