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Invisalign – The invisible dental device

Invisalign is an innovative method of treating occlusion using transparent, removable aligners custom-made to fit each patient’s teeth. In comparison to traditional orthodontic treatment it provides more comfort while using, but remains perfectly effective at the same time.

Why should you choose INVISALIGN?

  • Enhances user comfort.
    You can easily take aligners in and out – you don’t have to change your eating habits and your oral hygiene is as simple as before treatment.
  • Discrete and comfortable.
    Transparent aligners are near-invisible and the lack of metal elements and custom-made design make them really comfortable to use. Nobody has to know that you’re undergoing treatment, you can even forget about it yourself!
  • Precise virtual treatment plan.
    You will learn which Invisalign device is best for you already at the first consultation in our clinic and you will see how your smile will look like after finished treatment. Thanks to 3D-scanner and ClinCheck software it is possible to provide virtual stimulation of treatment stages. After every visit you can observe the effects of the treatment.
  • Instant effects.
    Every aligner is replaced every 2 weeks,  moving your teeth little by little in the right directions. Aligners will start correcting your bite from the very first day of treatment so you could enjoy your perfect smile only after a couple of months! Join 3 million satisfied patients, who discovered Invisalign!

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