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Jakub Urban

Ph.D. in Dentistry,

Dawson Academy Graduate

MPI-IPP Graduate

Specialises in: Microscopic EndodonticsDental SurgeryProstheticsFunctional Rehabilitation of Temporomandibular Joints and Treatment of Occlusive Disorders.

He graduated from the Medical University of Silesia, the Medical Department, Medical-Dental Faculty in Zabrze with honours in 2008.   He completed a foreign internship in Dr. B. Kleczka Clinic of Braunschweig in Germany. The winner of 3rd International Medical Student’s Conference. Author and co-author of articles and research papers in the field of endodontics and prosthetics, and general medicine i.e. gastroenterology.

He completed his doctoral studies with the degree of  Doctor of Philosophy in Dentistry (2013).  He worked as a university lecturer at the Medical University of Silesia, the Chair of Dental Surgery in Bytom (2010-2013).

Graduate and student of various educational programmes:

+ Curriculum for Periodontics by Witold Jurczyński, Ph.D. In Dentistry
+ The Dawson Academy USA – completing the whole 7-stage program
+ UNC-MPI-Implant Prosthodontic Program (IPP). International Certificate of the Mediterranean Prosthodontic Institute in Spain and of the University of North Carolina, the Department of Prosthodontics, USA

+ participant of training courses at Steigmann Institute – Neckargemund/Heidelberg
+ participant of occlusive courses KOIS Center – Seattle, USA
+ participant of international implant congresses on tissue regeneration – Seoul (2016), Bangkok (2017)

He combines his professional career with the development of scientific knowledge by attending specialist dental courses and conferences, participating in endodontic and implant discussion panels on a regular basis.

He gives lectures and conducts training courses devoted to endodontics and occlusion.  His priority when treating a patient is an individual and comprehensive approach that he tries to implement in his everyday work. In his free time he enjoys rock music, travels off the beaten track and good literature.


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