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Certified hygienist

Magdalena Duchant

Magdalena Duchant, certified hygienist and dental assistant. She has been working in this profession for 13 years and in Sypień Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry for 11 years.

She performs procedures in the field of professional tooth cleaning (removing plaque and calculus), preventive care and aesthetics (whitening) in Sypień Brothers’ Centre. She educates and advises our patients concerning correct oral hygiene.

Her work is her passion that is why she actively participates in numerous courses to increase her qualifications. She knows the value of patients’ satisfaction and well-being. She pays special attention to communication and fulfilling expectations of patients of all ages.

Her mission is to promote oral health and a healthy, beautiful smile.

She conducts educational workshops on preventive care and oral hygiene in kindergartens and schools, she educates young mums on how to care for their teeth during pregnancy during birth classes.

As a mother of a young girl, she spends her free time actively, cherishing family life.


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